US History

Learning About the Past to Make Sense of Today...

Welcome to the homepage for Mr. Lewis' US History Course, for the school year 2014-15. Please check this site frequently, as it will be the place to obtain your weekly syllabus, and other important information. You will find lots of helpful files available on the download page.

Please observe the following guidelines for the class:

  • Bring your textbook, A People and a Nation , every day.
  • Bring a notebook, and a pen or pencil every day.
  • Our class is run on a discussion basis. Class participation is a major part of your grade, so please speak up! But please be respectful of others, and do not talk while others are speaking.
  • I am available for conference just about every day. Please come by to talk if you have questions or concerns. Conferencing will also help your participation grade, so if you are shy talking in front of the class, please make conferencing a regular part of your routine.
  • We study history to better understand our world today. So please study the news, as we will frequently discuss current events.

Your grade will be made up of your scores on major tests, frequent quizzes (plan for two per week), and class participation. You may also earn extra credit points. The following is a rough estimate of how the different components of your grade will be weighted (the exact ratio may vary from term to term; there will be fewer tests in the Winter). Please note that daily preparation and participation is a major component of your grade.

Major Tests: 40%

Quizzes: 12%

Class Participation/ Preparation: 48%