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Mr. Lewis' U.S. History Class


Use this page to access resources and "handouts" for class. Files will be added all the time, so pay attention to class assignments, and check this space often!

Study Terms

The study terms will help you to focus on key people, places, events and concepts.
Ch. 2--  Terms
Ch. 13--Terms  Ch. 24--Terms 
Ch. 3--  Terms  Ch. 14--Terms  Ch. 25--Terms 
Ch. 4--  Terms  Ch. 15--Terms  Ch. 26--Terms 
Ch. 5--  Terms  Ch. 16--Terms  Ch. 27--Terms 
Ch. 6--  Terms  Ch. 17--Terms  Ch. 28--Terms 
Ch. 7--  Terms  Ch. 18--Terms  Ch. 29--Terms 
Ch. 8--  Terms  Ch. 19--Terms  Ch. 30--Terms 
Ch. 9--  Terms  Ch. 20--Terms  Ch. 31--Terms 
Ch. 10--Terms  Ch.21-- Terms  Ch. 32--Terms 
Ch. 11--Terms  Ch. 22--Terms  Ch. 33--Terms 
Ch. 12--Terms  Ch. 23--Terms 

Fall Term Links

  • "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"--the famous sermon by Great Awakening minister Jonathan Edwards. Describing the peril faced by sinners, and the need to immediately accept God before it is too late.
  • Washington's Farewell Address: not a speech, exactly, but this is Washington's final goodbye to the country he served so long and with such distinction. The Address was hugely influential on American policy for decades to come.
  • Duelling in Early America. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were not the only duellists in America. It was a popular way for self-described "gentlemen" to assert their place in society, and protect their "sacred honor".

Winter Term Links
  • Frederick Douglass Study Guide. This is the teacher's guide to the book put together by Penguin Press. You should not have to print it out, but you may find it to be a useful companion while reading.
  • John Brown. We will study the life of abolitionist John Brown. Here is the transcript of a PBS documentary about Brown. Please read it in its entirety. The video only takes an hour, so you should be able to finish it in less time than that.

Spring Term Links

  • Wilson's Fourteen Points --President Wilson's outline for the post war World, proposed to Congress in January of 1918, about 9 months after the declaration of war, and about 10 months before the end of the war.
  • Hooverball--Learn all about the medicine ball craze that's sweeping the nation! Get fit 1930 style!
  • Diets of the Depression--This paper written by students at West Chester University analyzes the food consumption of Pensylvanians during the Great Depression.
  • United States Citizenship Test--This document includes all 100 questions that applicants for US citizenship must answer.  The correct answers are included.  Many of these questions will be on your end of year exam.