I continue to stay abreast of issues surrounding the college admissions process, and my blog is a popular source of information for counselors and students all over the country. I allow myself a small number of college admissions clients each year and it is always satisfying to work with students and their families to find several potential colleges and to showcase the student’s strengths and interests.

My clients particularly enjoy my flexible approach to the process
. Rather than a large fee up front and a stipulated number of meetings, it has been my experience that some families feel that they need more help in one area (i.e, writing a strong personal statement, being exposed to colleges not on their initial list that match student interests and finances, filling out FAFSA and CSS profile forms, etc.) than another and I make sure that no one pays for something they don’t need.

This process is also deeply personal, both in terms of students honestly revealing their inner selves and with families offering up frank discussions and financial information in the application process. I adhere to the stringent professional ethics espoused by NACAC and feel that nothing is more important than my protecting everyone’s privacy so this can be a safe and productive experience.

An initial conversation where we both decide if a partnership would be a good match is always free, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. The last years of high school is an exciting and stressful time, but with a knowledgeable counselor who gets to know the student and family, the college process can be productive experience that helps the entire family transition to the next wonderful stage of life.

Interested? Please call me at 804-447-9768 or email me at eml@ethanlewis.org. I look forward to talking with you!

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