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“So You Don’t Have To”: A Visit to the University of Virginia

In early August I visited the University of Virginia, the flagship university in the Commonwealth, and a perennial presence on “top public universities” ratings lists.  I attended an information session with about 100 people in attendance, and then took part in a student-led tour. The University is quite old, having been founded by Thomas Jefferson […]

Tip of the C.A.P. News–I Hope You Like Our New Direction

I hope that everyone is enjoying the beginning of a restful and enjoyable summer. I want to tell you about a bigchange here at Tip of the C.A.P. and explain how it will not change the overall approach of the blog. I have found my job in college counseling to be the most satisfying work […]

SAT & ACT Security Policies & What They Mean To You

Starting in 2013 America’s two college entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT will be drastically tightening their security procedures.  They seem to be motivated by the general fetish for increased security in America and also by some recent “scandals”, but the result will be a significantly different test-taking experience for millions of college-bound high […]

Musings on the SAT Report on College & Career Readiness: 2012

On September 24, 2012, the College Board released a 43 page long report entitled “The SAT® Report on College & Career Readiness: 2012“.  For people like me (who love to look at and analyze data to try to observe trends) it is a very interesting and useful resource.  Some of the interesting information one can […]