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I Went To The College Board Counselor Workshop 2015 And Here’s What I Think

On September 17th I attended the CollegeBoard‘s 2015 Counselor Workshop at the University of Richmond. I was eager to go for several reasons; partly because I’d never been to one before (my last school was located a bit off the beaten path), partly because the University of Richmond has one of the most beautiful college campuses […]

“So You Don’t Have To”: A Visit to the University of Virginia

In early August I visited the University of Virginia, the flagship university in the Commonwealth, and a perennial presence on “top public universities” ratings lists.  I attended an information session with about 100 people in attendance, and then took part in a student-led tour. The University is quite old, having been founded by Thomas Jefferson […]

Tip of the C.A.P. News–I Hope You Like Our New Direction

I hope that everyone is enjoying the beginning of a restful and enjoyable summer. I want to tell you about a bigchange here at Tip of the C.A.P. and explain how it will not change the overall approach of the blog. I have found my job in college counseling to be the most satisfying work […]