Welcome to the homepage for Mr. Lewis' U.S. History electives. Please check this site frequently, as it will be the place to obtain your weekly syllabus, and other important information.

In 2014-15 this course will only meet in the Fall term, during which time we will examine key Supreme Court cases of the post-World War II period to see what they can teach us about the time period. 

Please observe the following guidelines for the class:

  • This is a discussion-based course--be prepared to speak up in class!
  • Bring a notebook, and a pen or pencil every day.
  • Many of your writing assignments will be submitted using the class portal. Students will be expected to read the writings of their classmates--you'll all get to be teachers in this course.

Your grade will be made up of your class participation and written work. Please plan to conference if you find the material challenging; it's not easy, but if you work hard you will find this to be a very satisfying intellectual experience.  Welcome to the class!